Montag, 4. April 2011

Nächster Meilenstein zur Internationalisierung bei BOS - - NOW ONLINE FOR ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING SINGLES!

Our plattform is imporving quickly. We are proud to present you now our services under the domain for all English speaking singles! We have already started with promotion of the new English site, so it will be very exciting with a lot of new interesting and attractive members from England and English talking countries as well. is now an international website with unique and top services!

We will also start to organize events in England, you can read all the news for it on bestofsingles directly. The database of the English version is coupled with the Germain and Italien version, so you can talk to every member in bestofsingles, as far as the member can write in English. Y ou also can make specific searches for members in the UK region, in the next weeks we also will improve the search features to garantee a detailed and successfull search and matching system with other singles in the platform in different reagions and languages. We hope you do feel well on our platform! We wish you success in using our exclusive services bestofsingles and in finding the real and good partner you were searching for!

Yours Werner Baumann

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